Bulletin Board Policy

Community bulletin board space is available to organizations, businesses, or individuals engaged in civic, educational, cultural, or activities of local interest.

Due to limited space, only 1 copy of an item may be posted. Handouts may be displayed on shelving provided for that use.
Solicitations or requests for contributions will not be accepted for posting.

Flyers/posters should be marked with the date of posting. Library staff will regularly remove flyers that promote events that have already passed. Items not pertaining to a specific date may be removed after one month on the bulletin board or have been up more than 1 month from date of posting. The library is not responsible for the care or return of posters.

All flyers will be discarded when removed by library staff. Persons who wish to retain materials must remove flyers promptly themselves before the 1 month expiration date.

The library does not endorse the viewpoints of any group or individuals.

Revised 7/28/2014