Gifts Policy

The Plymouth Public Library gratefully accepts gifts and donations with the following conditions:

Books and materials:
The Library accepts gifts of books, DVDs, magazines and sound recordings in good condition but reserves the right to evaluate and dispose of them in accordance with the same criteria applied to purchased materials. Generally, items will be selected for the collection if they are in good condition and likely to be in demand or fill in gaps in the collection. Materials may be disposed of without notifying the donor if later examination indicates that the library cannot use it.

* The Library will NOT accept textbooks, VHS tapes, or ripped, stained, or mildewed materials.

The Library retains the right to determine where donated items will be utilized.

Donated materials that are not added to the collection are disposed of at the discretion of the Library. The majority of those materials are given to the Friends of the Library for their book sales. Materials that are determined to be of an unsalable condition are recycled.

The Library cannot appraise donated books for tax purposes. The Library will provide (upon request) a receipt for tax purposes of the donor with a space for the donor's estimated value of the materials.

Memorial gifts:
Individual or groups may wish to make donations to the Plymouth Public Library in memory of a friend or a relative. Memorial gifts are acknowledged as follows:

  • An acknowledgement is mailed to the donor.
  • Notification is mailed to the designated family member or friend of the deceased informing them a donation has been made and who made it.
  • Donor plates are attached to the materials purchased with the gift when appropriate.

Memorial donations are used to purchase books, audio books, movies or to fund programs, depending on the wishes of the donor. The purchase of specifically identified titles with gift funds cannot be guaranteed, nor does the donor have the right of approval of titles before purchase. However, donors are encouraged to recommend subject areas.


Adopted: 09/26/2016
Revised: 08/27/2018