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Computer Classes

The Plymouth Public Library offers basic computer training classes to the public.  Each two hour class  is led by a member of the computer department and costs $5.00.  If interested in a class, please call Rob at  936-2324 ext 122, for dates and times or check our events calendar here for times and dates (Listings will have a yellow background)

Classes Offered:

Basic Computers

Never touched a computer before? Join us for an informal class where you will learn basic vocabulary, parts and functions of your computer, using a mouse and keyboard, the desktop and simple tasks. This class will include instructor-led presentations and some hands-on time with a Windows 7 computer. No prior experience required.

Using Microsoft Word 2010

Picking up where Basic Computers left off, participants will learn additional terminology and features while using the most popular word-processing program, Microsoft Word. Participants should be comfortable using the computer, mouse, keyboard and basic vocabulary. Basic Computers is strongly recommended.

Basic Internet

Join us as we explore what the Internet is, where it came from, how you can get on it, and what you will find when you get there. Topics covered will include: Internet Service Providers, speed and types of connections, sites of special interest, facts and fallacies, and search engines. Basic knowledge of Windows and computers is strongly recommended.

Malware No More

Are you constantly closing pop-up messages when on the Internet? Is your computer considerably slower than it used to be or acting just downright flaky? You might be a victim of Malware. Learn how to identify and steer clear of viruses, spyware and other computer nasties using FREE programs available on the Internet.

Basic E-mail

Participants will learn the basics of e-mail and set up their own G-mail account. Knowledge of Windows, the Internet, keyboarding and mouse skills is required.

Using Your G-mail

Now that you have a G-mail account, let’s examine all the things you can do with it in this hands-on class. Sending, saving, replying, adding contacts and attachments will all be covered in detail. A G-mail account is required.

Computer Essentials

Designed for the intermediate computer user, participants will learn basic PC housekeeping tasks including: downloading and installing programs from the Internet, defragging the hard drive, using Windows Explorer, installing Microsoft updates, and Adding/Removing Programs. Also covered will be necessary utilities such as Adobe Reader and Flash Player, in addition to tips and tricks for the savvy computer user.

Picturing the Digital Camera Revolution

Are you ready to purchase your first or upgrade a current digital camera? Then join us for a “how it all works” lecture including terminology, features, buying tips, and cool Web sites that help you become a better photographer. Also covered will be the use of free photo software to spruce up those “less than stellar” shots. Please feel free to bring your camera and questions.



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