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April 8

Against the Wild                                               PG
August Osage County (1 in Bluray-1 in Qckflx)  R
Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses                                         R
Best Night Ever                                                  R
Birds of Paradise                                               PG
Blast Vegas                    (1 in Qckflx)          PG-13
A Calling of Courage         (1 in Qckflx)          PG-13
Cavemen                                                             R
The Depraved                                                      R
The Dog Who Saved Easter                               PG
God Save Our Farm           (1 in Qckflx)              PG
Grudge Match    (1 in Qckflx – 1 Blu-ray)    PG-13
Guardian of the Highlands                              PG
Hobbit the Desolation of Smaug                 PG-13
Holy Ghost People                                             R
Kingdom of Conquerors                              PG-13
Lizzie Borden Took an Ax                          PG-13
Nurse                                                                  R
Paranormal Activity   (1 in Qckflx-1 in Blu-ray)  R
Pirate Fairy                                                       G
Snake & Mongoose                                    PG-13
Sox A Family’s Best Friend                                PG
The Virginian                                                       R

April 2

47 Ronin         (1 in Qckflx-1 in Blu-Ray)     PG-13
Anchorman 2          (1 in Qckflx-1 in Blu-Ray)    R
Angels in Stardust       (1 in Qckflx)             PG-13
The Appearing                                                     R
Avengers Confidential Black Widow - Punisher
The Bag Man              (1 in Qckflx)                       R
Bunker                                                                R
Chinese Zodiac                                             PG-13
Crave                                                                  R
Delivery Man     (1 In Qckfix-1 In Blu-Ray)   PG-13
Dragons Defenders Of Berk Part 1                   PG
Hair Brained                                               PG-13
Hitting The Cycle                                             PG
Inside Llewyn Davis       (1 In Blu-Ray)               R
Knights Of Badassdom                                         R
Little Rascals 2013     (1 In Qckfix-1 In Blu-Ray)   PG
Monster High Frights, Camera, Action                 PG
Odd Thomas    (1 in Qckflx-1 in Blu-ray)     PG-13
Seal Team 8        (1 in Qckflx)                              R
Truth About Emanuel                                  PG-13
Walking With Dinosaurs the movie (1 in Blu-ray)
Warrior Assassin                              PG-13
Wolf of Wall Street   (1 in Qckflx-1 in Blu-ray)   R

April 2

WWE Elimination Chamber 2014          796.812 ELI
UFC BEST OF 2013              796.812 UFC   TV-14
WWE Ultimate Warrior                       796.812 ULT











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