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The following forms of identification are acceptable:

                    - Valid Indiana Drivers license with current address
                    - Valid State of Indiana ID with current address
                    - Indiana Driver's Learner Permit with current address
                    - School ID with photograph (for youth from age 14 to 17)

                      The patron must also present one item from the list below:

                     - Alien ID card
                    - Birth certificate
                    - Immigration papers
                    - Medicare-Medicaid card
                    - Passport
                    - Voter Registration card
                    - Workplace picture identification

                    - Bank statement
                    - Credit card bill (current)
                    - Lease receipt
                    - Paycheck stub (current) with preprinted name and address
                    - Property tax receipt
                    - Rent receipt
                    - Utility bill (current)

        The card owner is responsible for all materials checked out on the card, unless it is reported lost or stolen.

        To maintain a viable patron file, library card numbers expire after three years. Patrons may reactivate their
        borrowing status by producing acceptable forms of identification.

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