Age limit: Must be 15 or older.
Loan period: 7 days (due back 1 week from day taken out).
Renewal option: May be renewed for an additional 7 days with notification.
Overdue fines: $1.00 per DAY, per GAME

(Game expansions count as separate games so they will be fined separately.)

Example: If patron has checked out:

Settlers ofCatan
Settlers of Catan player expansion
Cities & Knights of Catan
Cities & Knights player expansion

And they are overdue 1 day, patron would be fined $4.00

Games will not be removed from your record until a staff member has counted pieces and checked for damage. The date of return will be noted for future removal from patron record. Any damaged or lost pieces will be noted on game and fine/s assessed before allowing a check out to another patron. This will ensure that the game is intact and undamaged at each new check out.

Lost or Damaged pieces fines: There will be a minimum charge of $1.00 for every lost OR damaged piece to a game. Patron will be charged full replacement cost for lost game/s.
Game check out privileges will be suspended if fines on patron record exceed $5.00. Also, staff may suspend privileges due to concern of inappropriate care of games.

Return of games: Games must be brought in and returned at the Children's Circulation Desk. They MAY NOT be returned in book drop box.