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Plymouth Public Library
Long Range Plan 2008 – 2011

Adopted by the Plymouth Public Library Board of Trustees – September 24, 2007


The informational, educational, recreational and technological needs of the Plymouth Public Library service area are becoming more sophisticated and expectations are higher then ever. These needs and expectations translate into an increased demand for the library to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date resources in an ever widening array of formats by a well trained, knowledgeable staff in the best possible environment.

Our purpose for Long Range Planning is to have:

• A sense of consistency within the organization.
• A common image of the direction the organization is moving.
• Identified, discussed and resolved key issues.
• Set priorities for implementation.
• Improved communication within the organization.
• A benchmark to measure future performance.

Our Mission

We encourage the pursuit of lifelong learning.

Our Values

We inspire our community by offering the most up-to-date materials, fresh and unique programming and state of the art technology; continually encouraging patrons to make new discoveries throughout their lives by bringing excitement to learning and support to help them excel.

Service Oriented
We delight in meeting or exceeding patron expectations by providing friendly, courteous, knowledgeable and prompt service, showing respect and valuing all individuals for their diverse backgrounds, experiences and ideas.

Welcoming Atmosphere
We enrich our community by providing a well maintained, comfortable and safe multi-use facility, where residents can meet, share ideas and be educated, entertained and informed.

We value our staff members and strive to provide a workplace where enthusiasm, teamwork, innovation, accountability and a sense of purpose combine to provide a rewarding experience for both employees and patrons.

We are committed to being a fiscally responsible public institution, consistently seeking the most cost-effective uses of both public and private funds.

Our Long Range Goals

• Provide the community with a trained and highly motivated staff.
• Operate and maintain a facility based on the changing role of the library and the needs of the community.
• Provide and expand products, services and programs to meet the needs of the community.
• Investigate and implement the latest technology appropriate for our library.
• Increase public awareness and marketing of library materials, products, services and programs to promote support.

Our Long Range Plan

Goal 1: Provide the community with a trained and highly motivated staff.

• Maintain a staff that believes in the Library’s mission and values, consistently delivering excellent service to the community.
• A majority of staff members attend one in-service, training, conference, or networking event annually.
• 80% of staff members will be cross-trained in the policies and procedures of at least one additional department.

1.1  Provide training to appropriate library staff in areas such as customer service, time management, publicity and marketing, Spanish, library resources and computer skills.
1.2  Train and encourage all staff to use the electronic shared document (online memos) Happy Bookers website.
1.3  Identify staff training needs on an annual basis.
1.4  Seek out a variety of formats and various venues for training and networking opportunities.
1.5  Encourage staff to seek at least one non-mandated training activity annually.
1.6  Institute a cross training program for most employees.
1.7  Assign key staff members beepers to improve communication.
1.8  Conduct a workload assessment to determine appropriate staffing needs that result in cost savings for taxpayers and promote fiscal responsibility.

Goal 2 : Operate and maintain a facility based on the changing role of the library and the needs of the community.

• 100% of library users feel that the library provides a comfortable, inviting environment where patrons feel welcomed.
• 95% of patrons can easily orient themselves around the library.
• Continue to manage the current facilities resources and space in the best possible manner.

2.1  Provide an inviting library setting that meets patron needs for convenient access to collections, appropriate technology, a community meeting place and areas for quiet reflection.
2.2  Manage existing resources to achieve maximum benefit.
2.3  Improve the current facility’s utilization of space.
2.4  Improve signage throughout the facility.
2.5  Upgrade both the internal and external communication system.
2.6  Examine the feasibility of a year round security presence, and adding more cameras and safety mirrors.
2.7  Explore the possibility of a second floor expansion over the former Pilot Building addition or opening up the lower level of the former Pilot Building addition.

Goal 3 :  Provide and expand products, services and programs to meet the needs of the community.

• Increase the number of patrons consulting library staff and services for answers to questions by 5% each year.
• Increase circulation by 8% each year over the next 3 years.
• Increase attendance at library programs by 10% each year.
• Increase web site visits (hits) by 20% per year.

3.1  Identify new initiatives that address the needs of the community and support the library’s mission.
3.2  Focus resources on sustainable materials, services and programs. Curtail or repackage those that are not sustainable.
3.3  Manage existing resources to achieve maximum benefit.
3.4  Reduce duplication and redundancy of operations.
3.5  Expand or create programming for the following areas:
- Adult programs
- Family programs
- Story Hours
- Take and Go Crafts
- Teen Advisory Board
- Young Adult
3.6  Partner with the schools, Boys & Girls Club and other groups to provide reading programs and activities for students.
3.7  Improve resource sharing capabilities for better patron service through reciprocal borrowing.
3.8  Expand the current volunteer/community service program.

Goal 4 : Investigate and implement the latest technology appropriate for our library.

• Fully support the technological infrastructure needed to bring the latest technological and informational resources to the community.

4.1  Use appropriate technologies to give the community seamless access to library resources.
4.2  Monitor changing technology and add or upgrade resources and services.
4.3  Integrate technology into all library services.
4.4  Maintain and update technology plan bi-annually.
              (See Separate Technology Plan)

Goal 5 : Increase public awareness and marketing of library materials, products, services and programs to promote support.

• Increase targeted promotional efforts by 50%.
• See a 15% annual increase in number of people coming into the library.
• Meet or exceed expectations of all types of patrons 95% of the time.
• Increase dramatically the amount of people that think of the library as a preferred source for informational and recreational materials.

5.1  Provide information to tax-payers, funders and possible future constituents of the library’s value for personal and economic growth and the essential role of librarians as information professionals.
5.2  Educate the current library service population, the unserved population and possible future constituents on how the library procures tax revenues.
5.3  Create a single library identity and trademark, brand and motto, by developing a library marketing and promotion plan.
5.4  Stress image and reputation both internally and externally, maximizing the value of the association of the Plymouth Public Library name with excellence.
5.5  Increase awareness and the use of the local reciprocal borrowing agreement and the Public Library Access Card (PLAC).
5.6  Make existing library services, resources mission and values more visible by revising the Welcome to the Plymouth Public Library brochure.
5.7  Design a map of the library to serve as a visual aid for users to find materials and services.
5.8  Create and execute carefully integrated external public relations and marketing efforts, including opportunities to co-market with complementary organizations.
5.9  Continuously improve and encourage the use of the library’s website as a 24/7 Branch.
5.10  Incorporate retail display furniture for print and audiovisual materials.
5.11  Develop attractive displays to merchandise current materials.
5.12  Develop outreach programs to ensure that members of the community are aware of library resources and services to assist them with their research, educational, recreational needs.
5.13  Review and revise all promotional materials annually.
5.14  Increase coverage by local, state and library media of library events and activities.
5.15  Encourage staff participation in community organizations and activities.
5.16  Develop procedures and processes to assess the usability and effectiveness of the library, and its services.
5.17  Develop procedures and processes to assess the effectiveness of the library staff.
5.18  Assess, annually, levels of satisfaction with targeted library materials, services and programs by both general library patrons and specific demographic groups.
5.19  Identify segments of the population which may be underserved in regard to library services and determine whether they have needs that the library could meet.
5.20  Provide a mechanism to obtain input from the schools and the business community on needed resources.
5.21  Foster an environment that supports community engagement and promotes the value added benefits the library offers.
5.22  Form strategic alliances and partnerships to increase economies of scale and efficiencies in operation.
5.23  Formulate a list of priority library needs that can be addressed with the funds from the Library Fund at the Marshall County Community Foundation.
5.24  Create a brochure explaining how to give or leave money to the Library Fund at the Marshall County Community Foundation.
5.25  Enhance the library board’s ability to serve as advocates for the library.
5.26  Continue to work with the Friends of the Library to promote volunteerism at the library.
5.27  Actively participate in all pertinent state/local planning for the future of public libraries within the State of Indiana.
5.28  Work with other Marshall County libraries in sponsoring activities for elected officials on library and other relevant issues.

Adopted September 24, 2007


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