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  • overdue fines on a patron’s record.  All items must be new and unopened. No expired items can be accepted.

Library Newsletter
Access the monthly library newsletter by following this link: 
Beyond the Bookends

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PPL Literacy Program
Learn to read in the library's reading program for adult learners.  Both tutors and students are needed.  If you would like to tutor or if you want to learn to read, contact Debbie Beck at the library, 936-2324, ext. 118. 

Now available in the Children's Department:  Playaway View

Pre-loaded video player.

Playaway View is a simple way for young children to watch educational and entertaining videos on the go. Each Playaway View comes with the video content already pre-loaded on it. Earphones not required.

No DVDs. No Downloads. Just Play.

Goes wherever you do. Equipped with a built-in speaker and optional headphone jack, so kids can watch in any environment. Easily navigate back and forth through chapters

No DVDs to scratch and designed for drops — Playaway View™ was built with kids in mind.

Each Playaway View holds multiple videos for hours of enjoyment and can be charged with a standard AC Adaptor through any wall outlet. Always ready when you are.

Must be checked out on an adult card, $1 charge to check out for 1 week.  $1 per day overdue charge. Not renewable.

Overdrive Audiobooks & eBooks
The library now has a subscription to
Overdrive audiobooks and eBooks.  Our patrons can download audiobooks to their computer or audio device. 
Click here for the quick start guide. 


To see which materials we have purchased for our patrons only, follow this link.

Have suggestions for titles to add to our collection?  Talk to Susan in the AV department.  936-2324, ext. 109.


Check out the Quickflix  and Quikflix Blu-ray shelves.  DVD's on this shelf may be checked out for 2 days only, with no renewals. Only the newer arrivals will be put on the shelves, and no holds may be placed on them.  The fine will remain the same at $1 per day. For more information, phone the library: 936-2324, ext. 109.

  • sted items are peanut butter, jelly, tuna, cereal, dinner kits, pancake mix and syrup, macaroni and cheese, spaghetti and sauce, beef stew, canned meals, meal helpers, and any p

Our Children's Room and Young Adult Room also have lots of news to share -- click the appropriate link to take a look! Also, our Upcoming Events page is dedicated to keeping you informed of the latest news with the various clubs and meetings that take place in the library.











Hours at PPL

Monday - Thursday  
9:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.           

9:00 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Sunday   1:00 p.m. - 4:00 p.m.

Employment Application
Plymouth Library employment application can be found here.

What's on display @ the library

South Entrance display window:
Plymouth Farmer's Market

Cases by the North Entrance:
Tea Party Items and Star Trek Items

Large & Small Cases by Children's Checkou
Tea Party Items

If you are interested in displaying your collection, please contact Rob at 936-2324, ext. 122.

Empties 4 Cash! 

Don't throw away that empty ink cartridge.  Bring it to the library. 

Our library has launched a fund-raising project, Empties4Cash, with the help of a small recycling company.  Empty inkjet cartridges can be recycled and remanufactured.  The library will receive money for each cartridge that is brought in.

You can help!  Any cartridge with a printhead can be recycled, regardless of brand or type.  Do you have an HP, Lexmark, Xerox, Compaq, Samsung, Kodak, Canon or Apple printer?  Bring in your empty cartridges (placed in the original box that you would have thrown away to keep it safe from spills and damages, or a Ziploc bag) to the library's recycle bin.  (Note: Epson cartridges cannot be recycled – they don’t have a printhead.)

No toner cartridges -- inkjet with print heads ONLY! We do not accept toner cartridges or anything other than inkjets. If the cartridge is bigger than the size of your palm, it is not an inkjet.  

Thank You to all of our patrons who have donated their empty cartridges.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated by the library and the environment.






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