Online Fines Payment FAQ's

Do I need to have my library card with me to pay my fines online?

Yes. You will need the barcode number from your library card to gain access to your record.

Can I use my debit card to pay my fines online?

Possibly, it depends on what company your debit card is financed with. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover or American Express credit cards. If your debit card has any of their logos on it, it means your debit card can be used to make payments anywhere those cards are accepted.

How do I know that my transaction is secure?

The library makes use of the Verisign payment service - a universally recognized provider of
secure services for commercial transactions on the Internet. At all points, your credit card
information will be handled by their security protocols. At no point, will your credit card
information be stored on the library's computers. :

Whose name and contact information do I use when filling out the Billing Information?

Verisign checks this information with what is on-file with the credit company. Because of this, the information you provide needs to match exactly the information on-file for the credit cardholder.

Can I print my receipt?

Yes. When you have completed payment, there will be a final screen that is a receipt that can be printed off. Should you use one of our computers in the library and print out your receipt, you can pick it up at no charge in the computer room.  Additionally, if you have an email address on file with us, you will receive a confirmation email that serves as a receipt.

Will payment go through without an email address?

Yes. Your payment will still go through. What it means is that you will not be able to receive an email confirmation of your payment. You may still print out the final screen as your receipt.

What if I disagree with any of my charges?

When you pay online you do not have to pay the entire bill. You select which charges you will pay, by filling in the check box beside the charge. If you disagree with a charge, do not select it. Instead you should call or visit the library to speak with a circulation associate about the charge.

Can I make a partial payment on a charge?

No. When you select which charges you will pay, you must pay the full amount for each individual charge.

Can parents pay for their children fines online?

Yes. All you need to access your child's record is the barcode number from the back of his
library card.

Can I pay my whole family's charges with one payment?

No. Every cardholder has an individual library record. When you pay fines, you need to access each person's library card separately. Because of this, there is presently no way to combine charges for multiple cards into one bill for payment.