The Plymouth Public Library is committed to serving our patrons in the best way possible.
To better serve you, we are asking for your input.  Please answer the questions listed below.

1.  Where do you reside?
  Within the Plymouth Public Library system? (Center, North, Polk or West Townships)
  Outside the Plymouth Public Library system, but in a nearby community,
       such as Argos, Bourbon, Bremen, Culver?

2.  Your Sex
Male  Female

3.  Your age group  
11 or under 40 - 49
  12 - 17 50 - 59
  18 - 29 60 - 69
  30 - 39 70 or over
4.  Your highest education level.  
  Some high school or less   Some college
  High school graduate   College graduate
  Vocational school/Technical school   Graduate degree (master's, doctorate)

5.  How frequently do you use our library?
  Once a year
  Once every six months
  Once per month or more
  At least once per week

6.  During the last year, have you or members of your family attended any adult programs?
Yes     No

7.  During the last year, have you or members of your family attended any children's programs?
Yes     No

If you answered "yes" to either of the above, how many programs did you or your family attend and
were you satisfied with the content and material offered in the program?

What types of programs would you be interested in seeing at the library in the future?

8.  Do any members of your household use other libraries in the area?
Yes      No
If so, please specify the library and the reason for using it rather than our library.

9.  What are your main reasons for using the library?  Mark all that apply.

  To borrow best sellers    To read newspapers
  To borrow other fiction books   To use the Internet
  To borrow non-fiction books    To get information for a school project
  For reference/research     To use government publications
  To use the children's library       To attend story hour or children's programs
  To use the young adult area   To use the computers (non-Internet)
  To borrow DVD's, CD's or Books on CD   To get information for home/car repairs
  To use the copy machine   To get income tax forms
  To read magazines    To study/work 

10.  Did you find what you were looking for on your last visit ? (If yes, skip to #12)
Yes   No Partly
11.  Mark all the statements below which explain why you did not get what you were looking for.
  Item was checked out   The computers were down
  Library had no material on the subject   The computers were in use
  I could not find the material   I do not know how to use the computers
  Staff could not find the material   Staff requested material from another library

12.  Mark all items which describe the service you received on your last visit to the library.
  Staff was helpful and pleasant   I did not ask for help
  Staff was too busy to help me   Staff did not have the knowledge to help me

13.  Mark all the areas in which you think the library can improve.
 More study rooms   More meeting rooms
  More study tables   More story hour/craft space
  More study carrels   Larger building

Any further comments?

14.  Mark all areas in which you would like to see the collection improved/expanded.
 Arts/Culture   Mystery
  Audio/Video   Religion/Philosophy
  Biography   Romance
  Children's materials   Science Fiction
  General Fiction   Science/Technology
  General non-fiction   Self-help 
  Health/Medical   Spanish language materials
  History    Travel 
 Large print materials   Western 
  Magazines/Newspapers   Young Adult/Teen
  Other (please explain)

15. Mark all areas in which you would like to see technology improved.
  More computers to access the collection   Improved access from home computers
  More Internet access   More word processing and spreadsheet capability
  More computer classes   More online databases
  Other (please explain)

16.  During the last year, how have you received information about the library?
Library Newsletter Newspaper
Library Website Friend or Neighbor

17.  Some features of the online catalog are that you can pay fines, or renew and reserve books.  Are you aware of these services and are you using them? 

18.  When you return items, do  you use the book drop at the rear of the building?    Yes    No

The drive-up window? 
  Yes    No

19.  Is the website helpful to you?    Yes    No

20.  Are there other features you would like to see added to the website to make it more useful?

21.  Have you used any of the databases provided by the Plymouth Public Library for research or personal use?  These databases include, HeritageQuest, INSPIRE, BookLetters, NoveList Plus, Auto Repair Reference Center, Newsbank and many more.  Are you aware of these resources and how helpful were they to you?

22.  Any suggestions or comments?

The Plymouth Public Library would like to thank you for completing our survey.  Please be sure to click "Send Survey" below to send your responses to the library.  Your input is very important to us.