Free Software

Mention the words free software to computer people and sage phrases quickly come to mind.  We've heard them since we were young - "Nothing good in life is free" or "You get what you pay for."  Unfortunately, free software has gotten a bad rap from too many dubious programs that infect your system with malware and make it hard to distinguish the good from the bad.

But all free software can't be bad and, indeed, it is not.  Free, legal and useful software abounds- you simply need to know where to look.  Some comes from independent software developers who put their products out for purely altruistic reasons while others are from companies hoping you will upgrade to a paid version.

Imagine going to buy a new vehicle and the salesman offers you the vehicle for free... IF you can live without leather upholstery, a sunroof, satellite radio, and cruise control.  Most people would be quite happy living without some of the bells and whistles if the price is FREE.  No free vehicles today, but check out some top-rated free software below.



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Photo Editor Cloud Storage
Password Manager Malware Scanner