Gold Medallion Book Award
1988 - 1992



If You Really Trust Me, Why Can't I Stay Out Later? Lorraine Peterson

Lorraine Peterson has written a teen devotional that speaks powerfully to teens growing up in a foolishly permissive society, showing that obeying God is always best, that there are consequences for disobedience, that living it up is really a downer, and that right living works.


I Don't Remember Dropping The Skunk, But I Do Remember Trying To Breathe, Ken Davis

Did you know that . . . - it's possible to stop a hockey puck by catching it in your mouth? - if you fall while waterskiing and forget to release the rope, you'll lose your swimsuit? - you can practice your moves for your first date by kissing a mirror? - regardless of what your father tells you, a skunk can spray you if you pick it up by the tail? These are just a few of the misadventures Ken Davis survived on his way through his teenage years. But at least he made it -- and that qualifies him to write I Don't Remember Dropping the Skunk, But I Do Remember Trying to Breathe. This isn't your typical teenage survival manual. It's a Ken Davis survival manual, full of fun, laughs, and easily digestible advice on: Loving Yourself . . . Handling Money . . . Living at Home . . . Looking for Love . . . Preparing for the Future . . . Handling Peer Pressure . . . and many other survival techniques. Why do you need this book? Because it isn't easy being a teenager. And Ken Davis doesn't just want you to survive. He wants you to ace this thing -- and have fun doing it. This book is a giant step in that direction.


Lifelines Introductory Series (Booklets 1-4), Fran & Jill Sciacca


Lifelines: Getting A Hold On Life Series, Fran and Jill Sciacca

Am I The Only One Here With Faded Genes?
Marie Chapian
"To my knowledge, this is a first. No writer I have come across yet has unlocked specifically for teens the treasure available to those who let the truth change their thinking patterns-. In the language of youth and with powerful application to everyday life, the author guides teens to true freedom in thought, word and action."

from the Preface by William Backus