Gold Medallion Book Award
1998 - 2002



The Narrow Road,  Brother Andrew, with John Sherrill & Elizabeth Sherrill YA 266 AND

This road that we travel May it be the straight and narrow God give us peace and grace from you" -from the song "This Road" by Jars of Clay

Jars of Clay gained a new perspective on the body of Christ as they sang these words to members of underground churches in China and Vietnam. There they came face to face with brothers and sisters who are daily threatened with imprisonment, beatings, even death, for their faith in Jesus Christ. The band now offers "This Road" as an anthem of support for Christians around the world, making it a perfect fit for the stories found in The Narrow Road.

Begin with the incredible autobiography of Brother Andrew. Since 1955, this remarkable man has risked his life to help persecuted Christians by smuggling Bibles into countries where owning or distributing them is strictly forbidden. His report, packed with dangerous adventures and amazing turns, testifies of God's miraculous provision for those who risk it all.

Journey also into places still hostile to Christians-with profiles on courageous champions of the faith. Meet teens and others across the globe who, like the believers Jars of Clay visited, are mercilessly persecuted for their faith, yet display extraordinary joy. Their stories, along with Brother Andrew's, will forever change the way you walk the narrow road.



Extreme Faith, Tim Baker  YA 220.9 BAK

Some young people today are indifferent about the Christian faith because they don't identify with anyone in Scripture or in their church. Others are excited about the faith and hungry for role models to show them how to pursue their ideals. Extreme Faith, a book created for the Extreme for Jesus line, addresses both needs.

Extreme Faith is a collection of fresh, youth-oriented character studies that show readers what a difference young people made in Bible times. This book devotes a chapter to each character profile, telling stories of amazing Bible characters such as Isaac, Esther, and Josiah in detail and showing how today's youth can follow their examples and make a difference in their world. Includes snapshot profiles of modern young people whose lives are extreme for Jesus.



What's the Big Deal? About Sex, Jim Burgen YA 241 BUR

Whatís the big deal anyway? In a national survey of teens, 99% said their number-one concern is how to say now to sexual pressure. Each chapter gives you an opportunity to get really personal as you reflect on what youíve read. This book is real, itís practical, itís relevant. Itís about successes, failures and forgiveness. Most of all, itís about Godís way-and his way works!


WWJD Today? daily time with Jesus : a devotional by  Brian Shipman  YA 242 SHI
(Reviewed by Ms. Rache)

This was my first teen devotional, and I was impressed by the uniqueness of this book! This book really helped me a lot in my everyday life. I sensed God talk to me in the pages of this book. I believe it will help out a lot of teens, as it helped me. It features real day-to-day experiences that teens like me can relate. Once I started reading a page a day, I never stopped having my quiet time with the Lord!




It's Time to Be Bold,  Michael W. Smith YA 248.4 SMI

Drawing from events in his own life, contemporary Christian music artist Michael W. Smith addresses issues essential to those desiring to change their world for God. It's Time to be Bold is a clarion call for all believers to boldly go forth, living their lives in Christ.