Gold Medallion Book Award
For Youth
2003 - 2005


2005 Winner 

Every Young Woman’s Battle, Shannon Ethridge & Stephen Arterburn YA 241 ETH
Guys aren’t the only ones fighting a battle for purity. The world you live in promotes sex as the answer to just about everything. The pressure to go along with the crowd is greater than ever before, and it’s easy to compromise in little ways that are a lot more harmful than they seem. You and your friends may become caught up in destructive relationships or sexual activities without even knowing how you got there. You just want to be normal–to fit in, to be liked, to look attractive to the opposite sex. But are you paying too high a price?

2005 Nominees 

The Dirt on Sex, Justin Lookadoo YA 306.7 LOO
Some of the data is documented, but the author frequently cites his own interviews with teens.  As the book progresses, Lookadoo includes an increasing number of biblical references and offers a chapter counseling teens who have been sexually active and now want to become abstinent to turn to God. The book is laid out in punchy, bold graphics that are visually exciting but not particularly original. Fictionalized scenarios and dialogue appear frequently, both in the text and in sidebars.  

Signs, Michael W. Smith
Each chapter is named for one of Michael's songs, tying the book directly to his music. The book also includes journal exercises to make it more interactive, and end-of-chapter notes from Michael himself  give readers further guidance on using those blank pages as a means for evaluating their own lives. Michael's message awakens teens' hearts and minds to the signs from God that surround them every day.

Don't Buy the Lie, Mark Matlock, YA 261.5
This book helps teenagers understand how to think clearly and biblically about supernatural events. Every day we hear of supernatural phenomenon—from Ouija boards to crop circles to psychics on TV—and it’s difficult for teens to know how to distinguish between genuine and counterfeit occurrences. Author Mark Matlock, who has conducted a research project with Barna Research on Teens and the Supernatural and is a member of the international community of illusionists, presents clear principles and intriguing examples that teach teens how to respond to the supernatural with wisdom, discernment, and without being duped.  Using the Acts community at Berea as a model, Matlock identifies "thinking traps" that lead to deception, such as not balancing the mind and emotions, mixing truth with lies, and making false association. With clarity, he shows readers how to find Christ, and provides biblical answers to frequently asked questions about such things as Ouija boards, psychics, angels, and demons.

ife Interrupted, The Scoop on Being a Young Mom, Tricia Goyer, YA GOY
One day you’re a typical student. You’re working part-time at McDonald’s to pay for your clothes and car. The next day, you’re a mother-to-be. You’re confused and scared. Emotional and standoffish. You feel like a kid, but now with a huge responsibility.  How could your life change so fast? Your youth wasn’t supposed to be packed with worries and obligations, Lamaze classes and daycare choices—and you’ve still got work and school to deal with. Whatever happened to fun, friendships, and dating? You’d do anything for your baby—but what about you? What about your needs?  Sharing stories from her own experience as a teenage mom and from other young mothers, Tricia Goyer shows you what to do about meeting nine basic needs that all young moms have. Needs such as the need to be appreciated, the need to know your life is not at a dead end, and the need to be loved. In Life Interrupted, you’ll meet lots of young moms just like you. You’ll also meet God, who cares about you very much.

2004 Winner

Boom: A Guy's Guide to Growing Up,  Michael Ross,  YA 248.8 BOO
Relax. You're not alone in asking those questions. Whether they want to admit it or not, your friends are all asking the same questions. Boom: A Guy's Guide to Growing Up cuts through the uncertainties of your life and addresses all your questions — body, mind and soul — transforming you into the confident, godly man you want to be.

2003 Winner

Every Young Man’s Battle, Stephen Arterburn, Fred Stoeker, with Mike Yorkey,  YA 241 ART  
In this world you’re surrounded by sexual images that open the door to temptation. They’re everywhere–on TV, billboards, magazines, music, the internet–and so easy to access that it sometimes feels impossible to escape their clutches. Yet God expects his children to be sexually pure. So how can you survive the relentless battle against temptation? Here’s powerful ammunition