Newbery Winners
1967 - 1971

1971 Medal Winner

Summer of the Swans by Betsy Byars YA NEWBERY Byars, B. 

"The longest day in the life of a 14-year-old girl--the summer day her loved, mentally retarded brother is lost, the day she discovers compassion is a friend. A compelling story."--"Publishers Weekly." 

Honor Books

Knee Knock Rise by Natalie Babbitt 

Instep is a village at the foot of a cliff called Kneeknock Rise. A terrible moaning can be heard from the cloud of mist which hides the top of the cliff. Noone knows what it is...nobody has ever gone to see and returned!.

Enchantress From the Stars by Sylvia Louise Engdahl SCI FIC ENG

Elana, a member of an interstellar civilization on a mission to a medieval planet, becomes the key to a dangerous plan to turn back an invasion. How can she help the Andrecians, who still believe in magic and superstition, without revealing her own alien powers? At the same time, Georyn, the son of an Andrecian woodcutter, knows only that there is a dragon in the enchanted forest, and he must defeat it. He sees Elana as the Enchantress from the Stars who has come to test him, to prove he is worthy.

Sing Down the Moon by Scott O'Dell j ODE 

A young Navajo girl recounts the events of 1864 when her tribe was forced to march to Fort Sumner as prisoners of the white soldiers.

1970 Medal Winner

Sounder by William H. Armstrong YA NEWBERY Armstrong, W.

"Beautiful writing, moving storytelling: the death of a devoted dog and his black master in the rural 19th-century South leaves the man's son a hard but hopeful legacy of stoicism, resilience, and self-independence."--"School Library Journal." 1970 Newbery Medal; "School Library Journal" Best of the Best; ALA Notable Children's Book; "New York Times" Outstanding Children's Book.

Our Eddie by Sulamith Ish-Kishor

The Many Ways of Seeing: An Introduction to the Pleasures of Art by Janet Gaylord Moore

Journey Outside by Mary Q. Steele

The Raft People live in darkness and travel a circular journey on a underground river. One boy finds his way outside and tries to learn as much as possible so he can ultimately lead his people there to the Better Place.

1969 Medal Winner

The High King by Lloyd Alexander YA NEWBERY Alexander, L. 

Great evil threatens the peaceful land of Prydain. Taran, a lowly Assistant Pig Keeper, must battle a diabolical fiend or face the destruction of his beloved home. Accompanied by a host of companions as loyal as they are strange, Taran discovers that being a hero means much more than facing danger. His courageous heart struggles with questions of good and evil, nobility and common birth until ultimately he is forced to make the most crucial decision of his life.

Honor Books

To Be a Slave by Julius Lester j 301.452 LES

A compilation, selected from various sources and arranged chronologically, of the reminiscences of slaves and ex-slaves about their experiences, from the leaving of Africa through the Civil War and into the early 20th century. 

When Shlemiel Went to Warsaw and Other Stories by Isaac Bashevis Singer 

Eight stories, some inspired by traditional Jewish tales, feature such characters as Shlemiel, Todie, Rabbi Leib and Menaseh. PW called this ``a rich collection that will be enjoyed by both young and old.''

1968 Medal Winner

From the Mixed-Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E. L. Konigsburg  YA NEWBERY Konigsburg, E. 

Claudia and Jamie run away from home and wind up living at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. There they are privy to the introduction of a new statue and immediately are suspicious of its authenticity. 1968 Newbery Medal; Library of Congress Children's Book of the Year; ALA Notable Children's Book.

Honor Books

Jennifer, Hecate, Macbeth, William McKinley, and Me, Elizabeth by E. L. Konigsburg j KON 

A lonely girl discovers a magical world and a new friend when she meets a young witch on Halloween.

The Black Pearl by Scott O'Dell YA ODell, S. + j ODE 

A coming-of-age story in which Ramon learns the family art of pearl diving and respect for the legend that surrounds the giant pearl he finds in a sea creature's cave. "A gripping story that will hold practically any age enthralled."--"The Horn Book." 

The Fearsome Inn by Isaac Bashevis Singer 

Two witches, who practice their evil trade on lost travellers, are banished through the wisdom of a student of the holy cabala, and the power of his magic chalk.

The Egypt Game by Zilpha Keatley Snyder YA Snyder, Z. + j SNY

"The deserted storage yard and shed behind the A-Z Antique and Curio Shop becomes the Land of Egypt for April and Melanie, who spend every available moment playing the Egypt game. . . . Eventually other children are drawn into the game which culminates in the capture of a murderer. . . . The book has originality, and verve in plot, style, and characterization."--"School Library Journal" starred review.

1967 Medal Winner

Up a Road Slowly by Irene Hunt YA NEWBERY Hunt, I. 

Honor Books

The King's Fifth by Scott O'Dell YA ODE

While awaiting trial for murder and withholding from the king the obligatory fifth of the gold found in Cibola, Esteban, a seventeen-year-old cartographer, recalls his adventures with a band of conquistadors.

Zlateh The Goat and Other Stories by Isaac Bashevis j 398.2 SIN 

Seven stories based on middle European Jewish folklore and legends.

The Jazz Man by Mary Hays Weik 

Zeke, a nine-year-old boy with a lame leg, lives five flights up in a house in Harlem and amuses himself by looking out the windows. When the Jazz Man with his wonderful music moves into a room across the court, Zeke's life takes on new meaning--until trouble comes in the form of near abandonment.