Pura Belpré Award

Medal Winner for Narrative

Alma Flor Ada. Under the Royal Palms: A Childhood in Cuba j 921 ADA, A., Ada
The author recalls her life and impressions growing up in Cuba.


Medal Winner for Illustration

Carmen Lomas Garza. Magic Windows  j 306.85 GAR
In her third book, the author takes readers on a fascinating journey--in both English and Spanish--that explores her family, community, and ancestors through the traditional folk art of "papel picado" or cut-paper art. Full color



Honor Winners for Narrative

(book jacket)Francisco X. Alarcón. From the Bellybutton of the Moon and Other Summer Poems/ Del Ombligo de la Luna y Otro Poemas de Verano. Illustrated by Maya Christina Gonzalez.  j 811.54 ALA
Inspired by his poignant recollections of magical childhood summers in Mexico, the author of "Laughing Tomatoes" presents a new collection of poems that celebrate family and the joys of summer. 15 color illustrations.


Juan Felipe Herrera. Laughing out Loud, I Fly: Poems in English and Spanish. Illustrated by Karen Barbour.  YA Herrera, J.  
From one of the most prominent Chicano poets writing today, here are poems like sweet music-to make the body shake and move to the rhythm of rhyme, to the pulse of words. Juan Felipe Herrera writes in both Spanish and English about the joy and laughter and sometimes the confusion of growing up in an upside-down, jumbled-up world-between two cultures, two homes. With a crazy maraca beat, Herrera creates poetry as rich and vibrant as mole de ole and pineapple tamales...an aroma of papaya...a clear soup with strong garlic, so you will grow not disappear Herrera's words are hot& peppery, good for you. They show us what it means to laugh out loud until it feel like flying.

Juan Felipe Herrera's vibrant poems dance across these pages in a dazzling explosion of two languages English and Spanish. Skillfully crafted, beautiful, joyful, fun, the poems are paired with whimsical black and white drawings by Karen Barbour. The resulting collage fills the soul and the senseshot and peppery, good for you and celebrates a life lived between two cultures.Laughing out loud, I fly, toward the good things,to catch Mama Lucha on the sidewalk, afterschool, waiting for the green-striped bus,on the side of the neighborhood store, next to almonds,Jose's tiny wooden mule, the wiseboy from San Diego,teeth split apart, like mine in the coppery afternoon .

Honor Winners for Illustration

George Ancona. Barrio: José's Neighborhood   j 979.4 ANC
Welcome to Jose's neighborhood.   In his barrio, people speak an easy mix of Spanish and English and sometimes even Chinese. The masked revelry of Halloween leads into the festive remembrances of the Day of the Dead. And murals on the walls and buildings sing out the stories of the people who live here -- their backgrounds, heartaches, and hopes for the future. As familiar as any neighborhood yet as strange as a foreign country, Jose's barrio isn't in Mexico or Venezuela -- it's in San Francisco.

Award-winning author and photographer George Ancona follows Jose through a season in the barrio, and in the process gives readers a glimpse of a community as rich and varied as America itself.

(book jacket)Felipe Dávalos. The Secret Stars. Text by Joseph Slate
In New Mexico on a rainy, icy Night of the Three Kings, Sila and Pepe worry that the kings will not be able to use the stars to navigate, so their grandmother takes them on a magical journey to see the secret stars all around them.


Amelia Lau Carling. Mama & Papa Have a Store   j E CAR                   

(book jacket)From the clip, clop of the milkman's mule in early morning to the clic, clac of her father's abacus at night, a young girl describes a day in her family's store in Guatemala City. Based on the author's own childhood. Full color.