Eliot Rosewater Indiana High School
Book Award
2006 - 2007 School Year


Uglies - Scott Westerfeld YA WES
Anticipating her happy transformation into a pleasure-seeking “pretty” at age 16, Tally meets Shay, another female ugly, who shares her enjoyment of hover boarding and risky pranks. But when Shay goes missing before the transformation, Tally is coerced into finding her–or remain forever “ugly.”


1632 - Eric Flint YA Sci-Fi FLI
Mike Stearns and guests at his sister’s wedding find their town transported from West Virginia circa 2000 to 1632 Germany, in the middle of the brutal Thirty Years War. But, as their adversaries will learn, American mining folk are tough enough to give anybody a good fight!

Acceleration - Graham McNamee YA MCN
Working in the Lost and Found of the Toronto Transit Authority, seventeen-year-old Duncan is horrified to discover among the lost items the diary of a serial killer. Duncan sets out to find and stop the murderer before he strikes again.

Across the Nightingale Floor - Lian Hearn YA HEA
Takeo, taken from his peaceful village, finds himself in the midst of the political schemes of rival warlords. As Takeo learns to wield a sword, he must also learn to control his ninja-like powers so he may defeat those enemies who will try to exploit him and those he loves.

The Afterlife - Gary Soto YA Soto, G
17-year-old Chuy is stabbed after he carelessly compliments a guy’s shoes in a restroom. Now his ghost drifts around his hometown. He observes his friends and family deal with their grief over his death, tries many things that he was afraid to do when he was alive and meets other ghosts like himself.

Airborn - Kenneth Oppel YA OPP
Cabin boy, Matt Cruse, rescues a dying balloonist who presents him with a mystery. When the luxury airship Aurora is attacked by sky pirates and stranded on a deserted island, Matt and fellow passenger Kate work together to find the mysterious furry flying creatures.

The Blue Girl - Charles de Lint  YA DEL
When Imogene and her family move to Newford, she views it as a chance to leave her troubled past behind and start over. She meets Maxine, a girl who is the complete opposite of the people in her old crowd, and they become close friends. Imogene’s life finally seems to be on the right track until she sees a ghost that is haunting her school. Soon, Imogene is mixed up with fairies, angels, and soul eaters, and must save both herself and Maxine from a supernatural threat.

Devil in the Details - Jennifer Traig YA 362.1 TRA
In this memoir, Traig describes growing up in the 1980s with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder which was then a little understood disease. Her fascination with her Jewish heritage turns obsessive and she begins to practice and sometimes invent many religious rituals that take over her life.

Devil in the White City: Murder, Magic, and Madness at the Fair that Changed America - Erik Larson YA 364.15 LAR
The true account of the incredible events surrounding1893 Chicago’s World’s Fair, Daniel Hudson Burnham, the architect responsible for the fair’s construction and H.H. Holmes, a serial killer masquerading as a charming doctor.

Emako Blue - Brenda Woods YA WOO
Music and Emako brought them together, Monterey, Jamal, and Eddie. She was their friend and gave them hope until she was the victim of a drive-by shooting, and they all had to evaluate what Emako taught them.

Green Angel - Alice Hoffman YA HOF
When fire destroys the city where her family went to sell vegetables, newly-orphaned Green has to figure out how to survive, both physically and emotionally. This post-apocalyptic fairy tale is haunting in its gothic magical realism, yet also hopeful and lyrical.

High Heat - Carl Deuker YA DEU
Shane Hunter is wealthy, popular, and a star pitcher on his school’s baseball team. His life changes when his father commits suicide. Shane’s family moves and his mother finds a job. Shane, at a new school with dangerous new friends, gets arrested and is given a choice between joining the school’s baseball team or therapy. He chooses baseball. However, after he throws a wild pitch and hits a batter during a game, Shane doesn’t know if he can keep playing.

The Kite Runner - Khaled Hosseini YA HOS
When Amir and his father flee war-torn Afghanistan for a new life in California, Amir thinks he has left his past behind him. Yet he cannot escape memories of Hassan, the friend he betrayed.

No Shame, No Fear - Ann Turnbull YA TUR
In England in 1662, William, the son of a wealthy protestant merchant, falls in love with Susanna, a Quaker girl. They face intolerance and persecution that threatens not only their love but their lives.

One Of Those Hideous Books Where The Mother Dies - Sonya Sones YA SON
Ruby has never known her movie star father, Whip Logan, but now that her mother has died, she must leave everything she knows, to live with him in LA. Ruby scorns all of his attempts to be a part of her life, until an earthquake changes everything.

The Pact: Three Young Men Make a Promise and Fulfill a Dream - Sampson Davis,
George Jenkins, Rameck Hunt, Lisa Frazier YA 610.92 DAV

In this memoir three teens from the same poor neighborhood make a pact with each other to go to medical school. They face many obstacles as they try to reach their goal and their friendship is put to the test as each teen struggles to fulfill the pact.

Shattering Glass - Gail Giles YA Giles, G
When Ron, the charismatic leader of the senior class, takes on the seemingly impossible task of making the school nerd popular, his actions lead to unexpected violence.

Shopaholic - Judy Waite YA WAI
When 14-year old, English teenager, Taylor grows tired of household responsibilities and her mother’s depression she allows a new friend to persuade her to buy things she can’t afford. She soon discovers that Kat has even more secrets than she has.

Sickened: The Memoir of a Munchausen by Proxy Childhood - Julie Gregory YA 616.85 GRE
Julie Gregory recounts her childhood as she was abused by her mentally ill mother who used a combination of malnutrition, overwork, and prescription drugs to keep her in a perpetual state of ill health. It was not until she attended college that she was able to piece together the events of her childhood and move forward with her own life.

The Truth About Forever - Sarah Dessen YA DES
Macy, and her mom think they are “fine” after the death of Macy’s dad, until older sister, Caroline, pushes them to face their loss. Macy begins working for Wish Catering, where nothing ever goes according to plan, but everything turns out fine in the end.

Working Fire: The Making of a Fireman
- Zac Unger YA 363.37 UNG
In this true account of a man who “accidentally” became a fire fighter, Unger tells some amazing stories about fighting fires and helping drug victims in downtown Oakland, California as well as sharing some of the day-to-day routines and crises back at the fire station.

Zazoo - Richard Mosher YA MOS
Zazoo’s whole life is Grand-Pierre, who saved her and brought her back to France with him after her parents were killed in Vietnam—but perhaps it is Zazoo who has saved Grand-Pierre.